A New Way Home 

Client: Closed Loop Partners

Communication Strategy, Report Design, Branding, Data Visualization
A New Way Home is a co-authored report with Closed Loop Partners assessing the design opportunities to replace today’s single-use plastic retail bag. For decades, the single-use plastic bag reigned as the dominant design solution for one of the most common human activities: getting a purchase home. But that popularity comes at a great cost; almost all plastic bags end up in a landfill, are incinerated, or leak into the environment as trash.

How do you replace one of the most abundant objects in our global economy? For starters, by not expecting the answer to be one thing. There are so many sources of inspiration for solving this challenge. This report intends to organize and frame the innovation already underway in redesigning not just the retail carryout bag, but also the actions and behaviors that shape the experience of getting goods home.

Using the client’s brand guidelines but with a few new nudges, we played with basic shapes to represent abstract ideas. Circles representing circular economies and squares or lines representing pathways. The report was part of a larger open innovation challenge that gathered a coalition of retail leaders join forces to address single-use plastic-bag waste.