Bringing Reusable Packaging Systems to Life

Client: Closed Loop Partners

Branding, Art Direction, Systems Mapping, Ideation, Layout, Microsite, Copy Writing + Editing, Iconography
Reusable packaging is the future – converting 20% of global disposable plastic packaging into reusable packaging is a $10 billion opportunity. This is the time to innovate and create new solutions through collaboration.  Along side The NextGen Consortium, we asked the world a question to address the single-use challenge:

How might we design a system to replace the single-use cup that delights customers, easily integrates with businesses and is better for the planet?

We discovered there are many answers to the big questions around reuse models. Designing and implementing new reusable packaging systems is not always easy, but through experimentation and piloting across the value chain, we have uncovered a set of key insights that can guide efforts to introduce and scale reuse models now, and into the future.

The NextGen Consortium is a global consortium that aims to address the world’s single-use food packaging waste by advancing the design, commercialization, and recovery of packaging alternatives. In 2019 and 2020, together with IDEO, we launched a series of reusable cup pilots throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, working with three winning reusable cup companies to advance and hone their cup solutions in live markets. In our report, Bringing Reusable Packaging Systems to Life, we share lessons learned to inform the growth of refillable and reusable packaging across formats and markets.

WIP Sketches: