COP28 Kyu House

Kyu Collective

Event Design, Future Fiction Design, Creative Direction, Production
To propel action, catalyze, and deliver solutions around climate change, ATÖLYE, BEworks, Gehl, IDEO, Lexington, Neol, Public Digital, and SYPartners were part of a kyu-led contingent at COP28, in Dubai,  December 3rd–7th, 2023.

kyu House at COP28 united public and private stakeholders to generate new, real-world, human solutions for the Climate Era. Over the course of 5 days, the experience gave form to kyu’s belief that creativity should be woven into every climate solution for the benefit of humanity.

Watch the summary video by CEO Magazine.

We highlighted the Kyu collective’s creative edges or strengths and mapped them throughout our portfolio to bring to life examples of our work. This was a way to unify our impact under the roof of Kyu House. Kyu creative edges were also tied to the rationale of the objects in the Future exhibition. VIPs were engaged from the public and private sector, including CSOs of Unilever, Visa, McDonalds, General Motors, IHG, Philips, and leading policy makers from Denmark to Botswana. Locally we also held the space to meet with Emirati business leaders from SOMA Mater, BEE’AH Group, Dubai Future Foundation, and performances from homegrown artists Radio MiZA, Louay, and WYWY.