Dear Future


Creative Direction
Event Design
Program Management
Marketing Campaign
For years IDEO has firmly inhabited the future — creating multiple, compelling, tangible future visions for how we all live, work, govern and relate to one another, the planet, and to the world around us. In March 2022, IDEO’s partners gathered in small groups around the globe with burning eyes for the change we want to create. The diversity of ambitions and ideas was extensive, but clear patterns emerged. Each pattern lead to building teams that push into the future in the most provacative ways, which also helps push our clients into the futures they seek.

These themes lead to relational client pairings where we brought future provocations into engagments like working with the Ellen McArthur Foundation on surfacing future signals in fashion leading to a presense at their Circularity Summit, gathering hundreds of people to step into future worlds of zero waste fashion; or GreenBiz’s annual green innovation conference, Verge23’ blending ai and climate stories. 

Helping lead the Dear Future team required vision, futuring experise, and a brand that would translate across the work in global events and highly engaged-with marketing content for IDEO.