The Messy Business
of Coming up with New Ideas

Journal Article
Event Design, Publishing, Photography, Brand
Design’s role is to consider all so many factors and lovingly break, shape, and remake. To escape the gravity of the present in pursuit of the possible. And that starts by making a giant mess. When IDEO speculates about the future, we often start by gathering around a table and giving ourselves the creative oxygen and open space to explore the questions of tomorrow—What will we need to thrive in the  climate era? How can we humanize technology?—with gluesticks and glitter, not just whiteboards and whitepapers. It is a practice of imagining with our hands, building to think, and blending strategic hunches with wild cognitive leaps. We’re following the wisdom of our PlayLab, who have long argued that intentional play helps liberate thinking, slipping past the rational mind and inviting all the senses to be part of the conversation. This afternoon’s makeathon was only the beginning of IDEO's larger efforts to reimagine tomorrow. Tomorrow we diagram. But tonight we dance.

Alongside IDEO’s chief creative officer, we designed an event / makeathon intended to inspire and push into the futures wildest dreams for our clients.